Saturday, August 29, 2009

In the Major Leagues, A Gamma Pi Man Sings "Leadoff"

The first man to take the field at the start of the Washington Nationals-Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball game on the evening of August 18 at Nationals Park actually was NOT either team's leadoff hitter. It wasn't even the umpires or the first and third base coaches moving into position to start the contest. It was, instead, Eddie Epps, of Gamma Pi chapter. And he didn't come up to the plate with a bat, a glove or a ball. He took the field with the best voice in the house when he sang the National Anthem to open the game.

Brother Epps put a new feather in Gamma Pi's cap by singing the National Anthem at a major professional sporting event in the Nation's Capital. It was a proud moment for him, his family and all of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Brother Epps is also an usher at Nats games in Section 119.

"If I never do it again, I will not forget the moment. It may have been one of the most exciting singing engagements I have had and I have been singing for a long time and at many venues," said Brother Epps, who also croons with a local group.

Brother Epps is the Co-Chairman of Gamma Pi's Social Action Committee, helping to lead the effort to assist women and children in homeless shelters, youths heading to college and seniors in need of loving attention and cheer.  In his "day job," so to speak, Brother Epps runs the Kentland Community Center for Prince George's County.

Just prior to the game, the skies were threatening. But as if God were saying.,"it's Eddie Time," the clouds parted and the rain ended allowing Brother Epps to belt out the anthem and the game to be played. The Nationals lost 4-3. Among the 18,000-plus in attendance was Gamma Pi's Brother Orlando McDowell.

Clearly, the Most Valuable Player at the Rockie-Nationals game was an Omega man, a Gamma Pi man. Read more about Brother Epps' feat at the Nationals blog, which includes photos of him projected on the stadium big screen while singing. Gamma Pi Public Relations has been informed that there is video and it will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

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