Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gamma Pi and Friendship Charities Partner to Bring American Literature to Papua New Guinean Youth

Demonstrating the global reach of Omega’s commitment to uplifting mankind, Gamma Pi chapter and Friendship Charities Foundation recently partnered to provide Papua New Guinean youth access to American literature with a generous donation of books.

Brother U.S. Ambassador Teddy B. Taylor made the donation on behalf of both organizations to a Papua New Guinea group named the “Voice”.  The Voice is a local non-profit dedicated to mentoring disadvantaged Papua New Guinean youth and is headed by a dynamic young lawyer named Serena Sasingian who left a successful legal practice to begin a crusade to provide the youth of Papua New Guinea with a voice to make a difference in their society.

The Voice’s major program entitled “The Dream” uses a combination of academic, Christian teachings, social service projects and inspirational lectures to prepare young people to become productive, responsible citizens.  Brother Ambassador Taylor became involved with the Voice early in his tenure, routinely speaking to gatherings about the African American experience and sharing life lessons, which can be used in any culture.  The embassy additionally provided the Voice with a twenty thousand dollar grant to specifically establish a mentoring program to better equip high school girls to compete in this male dominated society. 

Originally a program to help better prepare university students for the rigors of citizenship, the Voice is quickly gaining national prominence and recognition for providing Papua New Guinean youth alternatives by which to live fulfilling lives. 

A black democratic nation, of incredible natural beauty and mineral resource wealth, most citizens’ knowledge of The Untied States, and in particular African -Americans is confined to international media coverage, or to the elder generations experience with African American troops stationed in Papua New Guinea during WWII.

Despite the limited coverage, all genres of black music are enjoyed and the hip-hop style of dress is popular.   The generous donation of books will continue to contribute to the positive image of the United States and provide the youth associated with the “Voice” a deeper understanding of the African American experience, which is similar in some ways to their experience as an Australian settlers colony. 



  1. Ambassador Taylor and members of Omega Psi Phi are to be commended for embracing such a program. "Reading is Fundamental" for students worldwide. Also note that the Prince George's County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., of which Ambassador Taylor's wife, Antoinette Corbin-Taylor, is an active member, has also donated many books to the youth of Papua New Guinea. Hopefully, our collaborative efforts will make a difference in some child's life.

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