Saturday, January 28, 2023

Gamma Pi Chapter Kicks Off the 50th Year With An Awe-Inspiring Achievement Week


For the Brothers of Gamma Pi Chapter, the 2022 Achievement week program was a special milestone for The Super Chapter. It was the first time the chapter held its entire Achievement Week program in person since COVID emerged in early 2020.

 Two key highlights of Achievement Week ’22 were the community awards program held on November 14 at the University of Maryland and the always-anticipated Brothers Only dinner that was held on the evening of November 11 at the Lake Presidential Golf Club in Upper Marlboro. Both events drew a full house.

 Brothers from Gamma Pi, along with Brothers as guests from other chapters, joined together for an interesting, informative and exciting dinner program that offer the perfect atmosphere for Brothers to engage in fellowship and celebrate the Founders Day and Achievement Week period. Bro. Amir Shareef, Second District First Vice Representative, served as Master of Ceremonies. Past Second District Representative Bro. Milton Harrison attended as a special guest.

This year’s Achievement Week theme, “Providing Uplift to Local, National and World Communities," came through in the message of keynote speaker past Second District Representative Bro. James “Scrappy” Jordan, who talked about the precious value of Friendship from a personal level during the Brothers Only Dinner. Bro. Jordan recounted the role of Brothers in helping along his recovery from a health crisis and a coma several years ago. The personal Uplift from Brothers that he described is the same Uplift that can revive and strengthen our communities. Bro. Basileus Richard Allison II also used the occasion to recognize members of his leadership teams for their support of him and the chapter’s operations.

Many members of the local community attended the evening awards program on the Maryland campus. This was the program where the so-called “hardware” was handed out to deserving Brothers in the chapter as well as to outstanding leaders in the community. Just as Bro. Jordan’s message at the Brothers Only dinner, the message at the awards program was about how award winners embodied Uplift of local, national and world communities through their work.

Congratulations to the Achievement week award winners:

  • Omega Man of the Year: Basileus Richard Allison II
  • Superior Service: Bro. John Morgan, Jr.
  • Founders Award: Bro. Edward High II
  • Citizen of the Year: Bro. Anthony J. McAllister
  • Religious Leader of the Year: Rev. Tony Lee (Community of Hope AME Church, Hillcrest Heights, MD)
  • Educator of the Year: Bro. Regie Pickett
  • Student Athlete of the Year: Karmarre J. Lawrence
  • Essay Winner: Elizabeth Oduro

Congratulations also to Bros. Terence Hare and Tommie Boone, who as co-chairs led the planning and execution of a memorable Achievement Week program for The Super Chapter.

"Achievement Week is an opportunity to recognize the good work that has been done as well as look ahead to the work that remains,” said Bro. Basileus Allison.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Voices of the Founders Help Gamma Pi Chapter Prepare to Celebrate 50 Years

Charter members in early 1970's photo
As Gamma Pi Chapter moves toward its 50th Anniversary date of March 5, members of the Chapter are starting to hear voices. Voices, that is, of the Charter Members who started it all in 1973 as they look back at the early 1970s and Gamma Pi's bold beginnings in Prince George's County, MD that planted the seed for what today is now called "The Super Chapter." 

Surviving members of the original 21 charter members who birthed the chapter are pridefully speaking out and reminiscing on the chapter's noble start through a new video series called, "Que-versations - Meet the Charter Members." The video series is a collection of individual interviews with the charter members by Gamma Pi's Public Relations committee.

To date, four charter members have been interviewed. They are Brothers Tim McIntosh, the chapter's first-ever Basileus; Don Herring; John Robinson and Clemmie Solomon. Their video interviews are posted on the chapter's website ( and are also available on the chapter's
YouTube Channel ( ). Brothers Anthony Kelly and Reggie Pickett are members of the chapter's Public Relations committee. 

Bro. Tim McIntosh talls to Bro. Reggie Pickett
These first four interviews are part of a continuing series that will take place until every available charter member has been interviewed. So far, those who have been interviewed have done so from their homes. The interviews are all solo and range from 30-50 minutes in length.

Get your popcorn ready, grab the remote and get ready to tune into some fascinating Omega Psi Phi history from Gamma Pi Chapter. Stay tuned for information about upcoming activities later this year as we mark 50 years of Brotherhood and Service in Prince George's County.

Bro. Clemmie Solomon chats with Bro. Anthony Kelly

Bro. John Robinson and Bro. Kelly

Bro. Don Herring, Sr. and Bro. Pickett

Monday, October 31, 2022

Gamma Pi Brings Mental Health Into Focus at Awareness Event to Combat the Stigma and Share Useful Information

There are taboo subjects and then there are taboo subjects. In the African American community, mental health is a taboo subject, and especially when it comes to Black men. Members of the Gamma Pi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. did their best to bring this subject out into the open during a mental health seminar on Saturday, October 29, at the Jones-Hill House fieldhouse on the campus of the University of Maryland. The purpose of the two-hour session was to educate about the impact and challenges of mental health in the African-American community, especially regarding Black men.

Bro. Coach Mike Locksley addresses audience 

The Saturday session featured presentations by three practicing medical professionals and a local married couple who have had their own personal experience with mental health battles. They both now work in the mental health nonprofit sector through the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI). Behind it all was Gamma Pi Chapter member Bro. Coach Mike Locksley, head football coach at the University of Maryland, and the fellow members of his initiation group from Spring 2022: George Montgomery, Phd., Brandon Cannaday, Kelvin Romney, Lee Best, Quentin Wilson, Mfon Etuk, Dwight Rollins, Fred Johnson III, Derek E. Davis and Satrick Richardson.

This group of Omega men have been planning the event since the summer. The formal title of the event was, “Removing the Mask … Making Mental Health a Priority …,..Eliminating the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health in the Black Community So That We May Lift One Another as Black Men.”

“This is a passion for me. Mental illness affects us all. You never know,” said Bro. Locksley  kicking off the day’s program. His opening followed the screening of a much-talked-about video feature that takes an in-depth look at the mental health struggles of his late son, Meiko, who was murdered in Howard County, Md in 2017. The video is entitled “Father Time.” This powerful, moving and emotional film set the tone for the remainder of the program. It drew tears.

The opening presenter, David Driver,MD, who operates a practice in Bethesda, emphasized the various ways in which mental health affects the Black Community and informed the audience that just like with other areas of health, African Americans are disproportionately impacted by mental illness. “Quite often people don’t seek care until they are in crisis.” He provided some valuable information on depression, anxiety, and how people can still be high-functioning with these disorders. Dr. Driver also mentioned that 10% of African Americans have no health insurance and that the ages of 18-24 are where most psychological issues occur.

Presenters share life-saving  information
The audience of about 50 also heard from Kristi Hall, PsyD, who recently became Director of Sports Psychology for the Maryland football team. In her presentation, Dr. Hall stressed that African-American men are experiencing a huge mental health burden, but because of the way the system is set up, many tend not to search for mental health services. She also told the audience that common mental health conditions like schizophrenia, chronic depression and bipolar disorder look differently in African Americana than in other populations. A stumbling block for many African-Americans is the cost of mental health care and the hard reality that many psychologists do not accept insurance. The highlight of Dr. Hall’s presentation that seemed to resonate most with the audience was her introduction of and explanation about the emotional wheel which is used to better identify and understand people’s emotional experience at any given time.

Denisha Carter, PsyD, with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, talked about her work with children and families including in school-based situations. She explained how African-American churches and pastors are now getting more involved in providing or linking parishioners to mental health services. Previously, this was not an area churches engaged as a part of their social services support agenda.

Audience members look on
Dr. Carter also highlighted a particularly important study for the African-American community that links ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) to mental health issues later in life. These revolve around abuse, neglect and household dysfunction. These conditions are synonymous with what many African American families in underserved communities experience.  What often happens in African American households in relation to the ACES study is that current and older generations will put the damper on mental health care by taking the attitude of, “I had all of these experiences and I turned out OK” (without having treatment).

The final presenters, married couple James and Charnene Freeny, representing NAMI, gave very dramatic snd eye-opening accounts of their personl xtruggles with mental illnes. This including Charnene's two attempted suicides as a young adult and James' psychotic episodes earlier in his life.

Listening to the questions that came from the audience, it was clear that many people are impacted by mental illness in some aspects of their lives, whether family, friends, neighbors or themselves. It was also clear from the questions that the audience was taking in a lot of the very good information that was coming over the transom.

The words on the screeen say it all ...

"Given the overall impact of health disparities on the African American community, we must be vigilant about taking every opportunity to learn about ways to improve both our phiyical and mental health," said Gamma Pi Basileus (president) Bro. Richard Allison II. "This event was about looking closely at our mental health needs first by getting rid of the stigma and then sharing credible information. I'm proud that Gamma Pi Chapter is leading this effort in the community."

Thanks to Gamma Pi’s Spring 2022 group along with the chapter’s Heath Initiatives Committee for organizing a great and truly informative seminar.

For further information, visit these websites:   NAMI Prince George’s County ( and the  D.C. Coalition for the Homeless (

Below: Brothers from Gamma Pi and two presenting sorors from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., celebrate unity after participating in and attending the program. Thanks to Bro. Quentin Wilson for these photos. Find more photos and short video clips here.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Gamma Pi Chapter Earns Honors at the 74th District Conference

Gamma Pi Brothers at the 74th Second District Conference 

The Brothers of Gamma Pi were in the shadows of Met Life Stadium in the New Jersey Meadowlands the weekend of April 28, and they scored much better than both the Giants and Jets together. That's because he Super Chapter walked away with three big awards at the 74th Second District Conference of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Basileus Allison (r) receives
 chapter award 
Brother Brian K. Long, a former three-time Basileus for Gamma Pi, received the Second District Superior Recognition Award from outgoing District Representative Bro. Kelvin Ampofo, for his many dedicated years as the District's first and only Chief of Staff. Bro. Long has served in this capacity for the past three District Representatives. 

Gamma Pi Chapter also won two big chapter awards at the District conference: Large Graduate Chapter of the Year for Retention and Large Graduate Chapter of the Year for Reclamation. 

The Super Chapter is also fresh off the prestigious award as the Large Graduate Chapter of the Year for the previous Fraternity Year, 2020-2021. That award was given at last year's virtual Second District Conference.

Bro. Long (c) with his award
In addition, the chapter's Talent Hunt overall winner, pianist Lawrence Wingfield, placed in the District Talent Hunt competition and is seen in the photo from the event with his parents Susan and Larry Wingfield. Congratulation to a fantastically talented young man!

About 30 Gamma Pi members traveled to the four-day conference held just outside New York City. The conference agenda featured a bevy of business meetings as well as public and social events. It was also an introduction into the Business of Omega for several members of the new members inducted into Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc, through Gamma Pi Chapter were in attendance 

"Each of these awards signifies that you, my Brothers, have made and are continuing to make Gamma Pi an attractive Chapter home for Brothers in the area," said Gamma Pi Basileus Bro. Richard Allison II. " Let us continue to raise our standard by never forgetting our vision to create the 'unparalleled Brotherhood experience.'"

Gamma Pi Talent Hunt representative