Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Role on the Pan Hellenic Council: How Black Greeks Make a Difference

by Bro. William Smith

On December 10th, the Prince George's County Council of the National Pan Hellenic Council met to finalize yet another drive to support county youth development and achievement. This time, local fraternities and sororities came together to raise approximately $3,000 in donations for a Uniform Drive in support of needy students at the Drew Freeman Middle School. This activity exemplifies the honorable and courageous history forged by Black Greek Organizations to influence the African American community, and position themselves at the forefront of civic action, community service, and philanthropy.

The National Pan Hellenic Council (NPHC), which serves as the organizing body of the nine Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLOs), including, of course, our Fraternity, was established at Howard University in May 1930. Brother Mathew Bullock (Omega Phi Phi) was appointed the first chairman. The NPHC mission is to coordinate and further program unity among its constituent members at colleges, universities, and communities in which alumni(ae) chapters are located.

Too often the deeds of BGLOs go unnoticed and the public often fails to acknowledge their contributions. While many of the accomplishments of the NPHC are often obscure in appearance, the need for and impact of their activities are nevertheless extremely profound. These organizations not only serve to solidify bonds among African American College students, but continue to have a vision for a sense of purpose – leadership development, racial uplift, and high scholastic achievement. It is no accident that best and the brightest African American leaders come from the ranks of these organizations. The aforementioned uniform drive by the Prince George's Council typifies how these ideals are perpetuated by BGLOs. Through their support of our community youth, future leaders and scholars are afforded opportunities they otherwise would not have experienced.

As an Omega man, I am proud of our legacy. While our legacy is impressive, we as Black Greeks have yet to reach our full potential. Our need to support students in Prince George's County is wide-ranging and urgent. With this in mind, I am soliciting your support in continuing our efforts at Drew Freeman and our other endeavors around the community. Our future depends upon the investments we make in our youth of today. Activities such as Project Enrich, Que Kids Daze, and Charles Drew Scholarship Foundation are additional opportunities available for interested parties to participate. I encourage you to get involved. We need your help now more than ever.
If you want to give back to our youth, please contact me at (301) 467-0530. You won't regret it!