Sunday, February 9, 2014

Looking at Que Kidz Dayz in Action -- A Day in the Life of ...

By Brother Kevin Greenwood

The Que Kidz event on Saturday, January 25th was a success as there were a total of 15 students that took part in the Social Action Program. The morning started with a breakfast of waffles, sausage and milk that was served by the members of the Gamma Pi Super Chapter. During the breakfast Immediate Past Basileus Gordon Everett, Brothers Damon Moats, Otis Fowler, Teddy Taylor, Kerry Wilson, D Ward, Robert Akuoko and Cruiz Alexander spoke to the students and discussed the importance of education and providing service to their communities.

The first service activity led by Brother Donald Belle consisted of the young men and Brothers Albert Slack, Anthony Kelly, and Marcus Whitfield discussing the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Everyone involved walked away learning something new about Dr. King and the civil rights movement. Brother Jeff Adkisson discussed the lives of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr and Rosa Parks with the younger students followed by a coloring activity. The younger students were fully engaged and participated with enthusiasm and vigor.

Keeping with the theme of service, the young men enthusiastically completed a service project by cleaning the Kentland Community Center exercise room. Sweeping the floors, wiping down the exercise machines, and cleaning the mirrors were some of the activities completed. The kids remarked that they felt really good having an impact on their neighborhood by helping to maintain the community center. The students took pride in knowing that they were instrumental in cleaning up an area that many of the residents in their community use on a regular basis

Brothers David White and Chris Flemming donated their Wii systems for the day so the students could participate in a few friendly games of Wii Bowling and Tennis as a part of the Physical Fitness component of the program.

The students were then served turkey and cheese sandwiches prepared by Brothers McCory King, Milton Ware and Terrance Prince. During the lunch Brothers Orlando McDowell, Rick Allison, Kevin “Buster” Briscoe, Albert Slack and many others spoke to the students about the importance of healthy eating, education and the importance of understanding our history. Brother Kevin Greenwood gave the students a research assignment that will be due by the next Que Kidz program in February. The research activity will challenge each student to find an African American person that contributed to Black History. The activity will give each student the opportunity to conduct research and share their findings in an oratory format.

To end the event each student was asked to give their thoughts for the day’s activities and their feedback illustrated that they had a better understanding of what community service is all about. They also said they learned about many of the African Americans that played major roles in the Civil Rights Movement, as well as those that contributed to the history of the United States.  All photos by Brother David White.

In True "Super Chapter" Fashion, Brothers Reach Out to Youth with Education Message

Brothers Dr. Foy and Powell at DuVal High School
Scholarship is #1 with Gamma Pi chapter as it is one of the Four Cardinal Principles of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.  From its Project ENRICH initiative preparing students for college to its Que Kidz Dayz program to expose underserved children to recreation, cultural and educational opportunities on Saturdays, Gamma Pi invests a lot in the welfare of young people throughout Prince George's County.

Recently, the chapter showed its commitment to education through efforts outside the scope of those two ongoing programs that have won the chapter awards for Social Action. Two highly regarded and highly committed Brothers -- one through the invitation of another Brother -- on their own reached out to youth to carry forward the message about Scholarship.

Dr. Harrison Foy, a veterinarian in the Washington, D.C. metro area, talked about his career and educational preparedness to a group of honor students at a February 6 assembly at Prince George's County's DuVal High School in Lanham. Dr. Foy operates NMotion mobile veterinary care services and is eager to see more young African Americans enter this challenging and wide-open field, jut as he did along with his wife and now a daughter,who is in veterinary medical school.

Brother Dr. Foy was invited to speak by Brother Dameon Powell, who heads up the Guidance Department at DuVal and also is the school's head football coach. Brother Powell's hardworking team finished 10-2 in the 2013 season and ended a great run in the second round of the state 4-A playoffs.

In the other endeavor, Brother Dameon Goins, one of the up-an-coming stars in education as new Principal at Gaywood Elementary in the Lanhanm-Seabrook community, used his powerful delivery and motivational abilities to connect with young African American males during a recent Raising Kings conference. When Brother Goins speaks, young teenagers, especially African American males, listen up because they relate to his "get real" approach and laying it on the line. The video below is an excerpt of his full presentation.

Brother Goins was named Educator of the year by Gamma Pi chapter during the 40th Anniversary Achievement Week 2013 program held last November. He always reminds students about his three C's -- Success starts with Character, Choices and Comrades.

Gamma Pi and Omega Psi Phi salutes these Brothers for reaching back and lifting up through Scholarship because they believe in and can reach our youth.

Bro. Dr. Foy with DuVal principal Alice Swift (2nd left) and others