Monday, September 5, 2011

Now with School Underway, Project ENRICH Swings into Action

On August 22, the school year kicked off in Prince George's County. But just a day into the new school year, a large earthquake rocked the metro area and shut down county schools for several days to assess damage. No sooner than students returned to school, a major hurricane whipped up in the Caribbean and lashed the mid-Atlantic region, again closing schools. Now that school is finally underway after the disasters, students from around the county are signing up for Gamma Pi's revamped Project ENRICH college prep program.

Parents, Students at 2020-11 Convocation
The program will hold an Opening Convocation on Saturday, September 24, at the Center for Learning and Technology (Room 102) at Bowie State University. With the exception of a $25 application fee, Project ENRICH is free and open to all Prince George's County students. Students begin the program in ninth grade and complete it upon high school graduation. Once a month throughout the school year, students participate in a series of workshops, lectures and exercises on time management, study skills, writing and critical thinking and the college application process.

This is more than just a new year for Project ENRICH. Brother Willie Hines is the new director and the program has a new Web site ( that now allows students to register online. Project ENRICH has also moved into social media on Facebook (search 'Project ENRICH') and Twitter ( New director Bro. Hines, along with Bro. Brett Blake, who works with Project ENRICH and also the chapter's Public Relations team, recently completed an on-camera interview about this year's Project ENRICH program for Gamma Pi TV. You can view that interview below and also on the Project ENRICH Web site.

The first official monthly session is Saturday, October 8, at Bowie State's Thurgood Marshall Library. Some changes are planned for the curriculum this coming year.

Word about Project ENRICH is spreading fast to county school administrators and faculty as well as students and parents. Persons interested in the program can sign up on the Web site or contact program officials through the new online home for more information.

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