Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Former Basileus Bro.Rodgers Addresses Regional Alpha Kappa Alpha Meeting; Anticipated Election to Fraternity's Top District Post on the Horizon

In just a few weeks, Brothers of Gamma Pi are anticipating a crowing achievement for the 37-year-old chapter when former three-term Basileus Bro. Kenneth Rodgers is expected to win election as the District Representative for Omega Psi Phi. If things continue on course, he would become the highest-ranking member of the Fraternity in the five-state Second District comprised of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. To the uninitiated, that is the equivalent of serving as Governor of five separate states.

Already, Bro. Rodgers (at right in photo at left), currently number two in the Second District as the First Vice District Representative, is getting a taste of what higher leadership would be like. He was personally selected by Grand Basileus Bro. Warren Lee to represent Omega Psi Phi during the 79th North Atlantic Regional Conference of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority that was held in Prince George's County.

On Thursday evening, March 25, Bro. Rodgers addressed a full house of AKA's at the fabulous new Gaylord Hotel that anchors the new National Harbor development. He brought greetings on behalf of Brother Lee and the Supreme Council, complimenting the Ladies of Pink and Green on their history and contributions. His remarks drew rounds of applause and praise. Brother Rodgers did Omega proud. It was clearly a prelude to what is to come for Bro. Rodgers, the Fraternity and Gamma Pi chapter in the years ahead, beginning with the mid-April Second District Conference near Syracuse, New York where his election is expected to occur.

In true Gamma Pi fashion, Bro.Rodgers was supported in person by a huge contingent of chapter Brothers who joined him at the Gaylord. Brother Marcus Whitfield captured a short video clip of Bro. Rodgers' address. Take a look and listen below and send Bro. Rodgers a congratulatory e-mail:

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