Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chapter's First Basileus Receives 50-Year Pin at National Conference

It is some 2,000 miles and two weeks later, but they are still clapping for Gamma Pi's esteemed Brother Tim McIntosh. A highlight for Gamma Pi chapter during the recent Omega Leadership Conference in Las Vegas was Brother McIntosh receiving his 50-year pin. Brother McIntosh served as the first Basileus of Gamma Pi and remains very active in chapter business and is known as a quiet counselor. He crossed The Burning Sands at Tau Psi chapter at North Carolina Central University.

In an e-mail to fellow chapter Brothers, Brother McIntosh said upon return, "I am truly touched. You have brought tears to my eyes ... Needless to say, I will love Omega Psi Phi till the day I die!"

The conference was held July 23-25 at the Las Vegas Hilton and was co-hosted by Beta Mu Mu and Kappa Xi chapters. Omega Psi Phi used the leadership conference to announce a nationwide campaign to conduct an education and awareness campaign in minority communities jointly with the U.S. Census Bureau.

Here are some photos of Brother McIntosh from the Las Vegas conference. These photos were taken by KRS Brother Joe Felder. In addition, below is a short video segment he recorded earlier this year for the Gamma Pi promotional DVD in which he talks eloquently and with inspiration about 50 years in the Fraternity. This is priceless video from a truly great Omega man who was instrumental in Gamma Pi's birth. The success of the beginning years under his leadership are the reason why Gamma Pi is known today as "The Super Chapter," as it reaches far and wide to serve and Uplift the Prince George's Community through the unique and solid bonds of Friendship and Fraternity that Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. has patented.

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