Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gamma Pi's Tennessee State University "Pipeline" Still Flowing a Year Later

Morganne at high school graduation in June
In Gamma Pi chapter, the Cardinal Principle of Scholarship is brought to life through numerous examples. There is Project ENRICH, which helps students prepare for college over a four-year period. Also, there are tends of thousands of dollars in scholarship funds the chapter raises to send deserving students to college. And then there is the new informal Scholarship program making its way through the Super Chapter – the Tennessee State University-Foy pipeline. The unofficial pipeline is right now sending a new student from the Gamma Pi family to Tennessee State University this month.

Morganne Paige Norwood, daughter of chapter Keeper of Records and seal Don Norwood, became the fourth local student and chapter member offspring to receive a “full ride” scholarship ($16,000-plus per year) to Tennessee State University. As an incoming freshman, she will join the daughters of Brothers Rodney Beverly (Kirsten), Terry Gourdin (Victoria) and Thomas Boone (Shayla) at the school. They are all rising sophomores and are doing quite well. This article from the student newspaper The Meter mentions journalism major Shayla Simmons’ (Bro. Boone’s daughter) appointment as editor of the digital edition of The Meter in the upcoming academic year.

Behind it all is Bro. Dr. Harrison Foy, DVM, an alumnus who pledged Rho Psi chapter there and’ paved the way for the “full rides” through his friendship with TSU president Dr. Glen Baskin Glover. Bro. Dr. Foy is also close with Dr. Glover’s husband who is a fellow Rho Psi Omega man.

“When you set goals, you have a target to shoot at. My goal is to help five families save over $500,000 in their household budget,” said Bro. Foy. “With the addition of Morganne Norwood I have four. All of these young ladies are deserving! A gift that is only being given by an HBCU. I challenge other brothers to match me at their respective Alma maters.” 

Miss Norwood graduated from C. D Hylton High School in Woodbridge, VA with a 3.75 GPA in June. She was also a part of Gamma Pi’s Project ENRICH program and a fantastic basketball player. She is an aspiring lawyer and political leader planning to major in English and Political Science. 

For Morganne and Bro. Norwood, the trek to TSU begins this week when he will be driving her to campus to move in and start her career. We'll be hearing more about Morganne in the near future as she gets settled in at TSU and becomes a Tiger! See other posts on this topic: 

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