Sunday, November 2, 2014

Youth Learn "Table Manners" from Que Kidz Dayz

Brothers pose with youth at Que Kidz Dayz
By Brothers Terrence Prince and Donald Belle

The Que Kidz event on Saturday, October 18th was GREAT! There were a total of 20 kids that took part in the Social Action Program. The morning started with prayer and a hot breakfast prepared by Brother Daryl Thompson. The kids enjoyed oatmeal; waffles/French toast sticks, fruit, and milk. During breakfast Brothers engaged the kids in conversation regarding the “Top Ten Table Manners” and current events. The “Top Ten Table Manners” discussed with the kids were:

1. Chew with your mouth closed;2. Avoid slurping, smacking, blowing your nose, or other gross noises. (If necessary, excuse yourself to take care of whatever it is you need to take care of);3. Don’t use your utensils like a shovel or as if you’ve just stabbed the food you’re about to eat;4. Don’t pick your teeth at the table;5. Remember to use your napkin at all times;6. Wait until you’re done chewing to sip or swallow a drink. (The exception is if you’re choking);7. Cut only one piece of food at a time;8. Avoid slouching and don’t place your elbows on the table while eating (though it is okay to prop your elbows on the table while conversing between courses);9. Instead of reaching across the table for something, ask for it to be passed to you; and
10. Always say ‘excuse me’ whenever you leave the table.

Hooping it up with Gamma Pi!
The kids really enjoyed the discussion of how to conduct themselves with proper manners during their meal. After breakfast we broke up into several groups to participate in solving various crossword puzzles, math puzzles, and memory games. As we distributed the puzzles and memory games, we discussed with the kids the importance of exercising their minds. Brother Prince and Belle explained that these games helped them utilize their reading, math, and spelling skills along with strengthening their memory capabilities. It was a joy to see the kids’ excitement while they played these challenging games.

The next activity was teaching the kids the fundamentals of basketball. With basketball season around the corner, we figured it would be great to give the kids a head start on improving their basketball skills. During this activity, Brother Orlando McDowell, Michael Salley, and Terrence Prince taught them the proper way to dribble, pass, and shoot the basketball. After going through the basic drills, we assembled the kids into age appropriate teams (purple team team). They really enjoyed running up and down the court competing against each other. Not sure which team won, but overall, they had fun and exercised.

After basketball, we broke for lunch. Brother Thompson prepared a healthy lunch, which consisted of grilled chicken, pork chops, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, fruit, and tea. The kids really enjoyed the lunch, even to the point of requesting second and third helpings of the delicious meal. They even displayed some of the “Top Ten Table Manners” they learned earlier that day. See more photos below:

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