Saturday, November 13, 2010

Project ENRICH Gets Off to a Flying Start as Youth Are Treated to Inspirational Talks

Project ENRICH Students Listening
 You wouldn't know it was Saturday morning by the buzz of activity and positive academic energy coming from the Thurgood Marshall Library at Bowie State University earlier today. While many were using the time to sleep in, the Brothers from Gamma Pi were fully awake and at the helm guiding and directing our youth toward the future as the chapter kicked off the first monthly session for this year's Project ENRICH.  Just two weeks removed from an outstanding opening ceremony that drew a full house, Brothers joined forces with enrolled students and their parents in rolling up their sleeves and going to work for what will be a rigorous year of academic and personal enrichment.

Led by Brother Dwayne "Pete"Ford, the new program coordinator who is stepping up to replace the retired Brother Roland Byrd, Brothers from the chapter delivered the first of what will be numerous pitches concerning critical information about scholarships, completing homework, careers, colleges, confidence, public speaking and "competency and competitiveness" in a tough, unforgiving world.

Brothers Cox and Jarmon lead session
 This year's Project ENRICH offers a new component -- mentoring. Several Brothers in the chapter have already received formal training in that area in preparation for applying those skills in this year's program. Gamma Pi's Project ENRICH has caught fire in recent years as more Prince George's County parents see the benefits of the chapter's formal, four-year program to prepare their students for college that is free and intense. The program builds off the expertise of Gamma Pi members who are in education as well as connections many Brothers have with area educators.

"The Master" Bro. Byrd in attendance
 "There is one thing you cannot put in a book, and that is the passion of the individual," said Brother Ford in addressing the students. His message to the participating students and their families was to get serious about their academic skills, show some passion for succeeding academically and be aggressive in pursing educational and career opportunities.

In addition to Brother Ford's talk, Brother Wesley Jarmon, head of the Ernst E. Just Foundation, and retired educator Brother Barron Stroud, also spoke to the students. Brother Jarmon outlined an upcoming February trip for some of the Project ENRICH students to a Science Symposium in South Carolina in honor of Omega Psi Phi Founder Dr. Errnest E. Just.  Speaking of "passion," Brother Stroud hit home the importance of education and the payoff to come with an emotional, inspiring, no-holds-barred, locker-room-style talk that had all the students and parents sitting up in their seats and taking note. After hearing the initial talks by Brothers, students were split off into groups for classroom sessions based on their class.

Below are some video clips from today.

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