Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ernest E. Just Statue A Reality Now

by Brother Wesley Jarmon

On March 18, 2009, at the Governor's Cabinet Meeting with the Board of Public Works, it was announced that the Ernest Everett Just Foundation, Inc. will receive funds up to $150,000 for the creation and erection of a statue bearing the likeness of Dr. Ernest Everett Just that will be permanently placed on the campus of Ernest Everett Just Middle School located at 1300 Campus Way North, Mitchellville, MD. (which is also in Prince George's County.) The action that will follow the March 18 meeting will trigger letters to the Foundation immediately (from the Governor and the Board of Public Works) that will indicate how the disbursement of funds will be handled. Please activate the document below from the URL sent by Brother Sen. Ulysses Currie and look at page 14 of 17 (item listed as #15-CGL) to see this public works item listed as an item for consideration.

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