Thursday, November 11, 2021

Gamma Pi Prepares to Celebrate Chapter Military Veterans for Achievement Week

Bro. James Wyatt
Every year, the Omega Psi Phi Achievement Week observance is about recognizing leaders in the community and the Fraternity. Each and every chapter in the U.S. and in overseas locations pauses for a week to remind the 110-year-old Fraternity's proud membership of the clarion call of the Founders who overlaid the Four Cardinal Principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift on top of a foundation of service.

As a part of this year's Achievement Week observance, the Brothers of Gamma Pi Chapter are recognizing Omega men who have demonstrated service of the highest order -- service to country as members of the United States Military.

In Gamma Pi, a chapter of more than 200 members, approximately 15% of members are military veterans, many having completed distinguished careers. The chapter's Protocol Committee is leading the charge to pay homage to its military veterans this year during Achievement Week, which often encompasses the November 11 Veterans' Day holiday. 

Gamma Pi men cover all the major branches of the service -- Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Many Brothers achieved officer status. Some are still serving as reservists and are even participating in overseas tours as recently as in the last year.

Bro. Roland Penn 
"Continuing in the tradition of Col. Charles Young, Gamma Pi’s Omega Men serve and served our great nation with honor, dignity and pride. Thank you for your service!," said Bro. Terry Rogers, a member of the Protocol Committee and an 11-year veteran of the U.S. Army who retired as a Captain.

As part of the salute to military Brothers, the protocol committee has collected photographs of Gamma Pi men in their official military uniforms and gear, many from "back in the day." Some go as far back as the early 1950s, namely Bros. James Wyatt (Army) and Roland Penn (Air Force), who are both in their 80s and spry as ever. Must have been the military training mixed in with the Omega experience that has kept these Brothers young!

According to Bro Rogers, the idea to pay respects to military veterans for this year's Achievement Week was the brainchild of Bro. Ron Swann. Chapter Brothers with a military background were requested to send in their photos and short bios for this project. Below are the photos and military thumbnails of other Gamma Pi Brothers:


Brother Aaron Ajani, Lieutenant Commander, 18 years, Active, 1MP2010, LM 6909


Brother Joseph C Ramsey, Colonel USAF (Ret) Service: Feb 1964 to Nov 1991


Brother Tim Blount, USAF, Col Retired, 23 years

Brother Harold Pratt - Sgt. U.S. Air Force - served 9/67 to 6/71 (crew member flying combat missions Vietnam era)

Brother Clint Green, U.S. Air Force, from 1978 to 1982 as a Missile Combat Crew Commander. Then 1982 to 1989 as Logistician. 


Brother Marc Ellington, Major, U.S. Army (Retired) Service 30 December 1983-31 July 2004 

Brother Terry Rogers, Cpt. US Army Transportation Corp., 1979-1990

Brother Roderick Lawrence (Retired) 25.5 years, Dec 1987 to Jun 2013

Brother Ronnie J. McIlwain, Served 29 years in the Army 

Brother Christopher Green, enlisted into the US Army at age 18 in December 1995 to May 1998, to Virginia National Guard until 2003.  He served as Heavy Construction Equipment Engineer.


Brother Joshua P. Roberson, US Army- Vietnam era

Brother Michael Mitchell, JAG CORPS, Army, Major / O-4, 20 years of service as a drilling reservist (active)

Brother Willie L Blanding, Jr., LTC, US Army, 26 years

Brother Kenneth Rodgers, Major, US Army, 24 years

Brother James Riley, US Army, 4 years, 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division Air Assault

Brother Darryl Thompson, Army Reserves, 20 Years, Military Police/Force Protection

Brother Lawrence Dukes, 3 years Army - Active Duty, 11 years Army National Guard

Brother Gregory Gaines, 1LT (p) US Army AG Corp, 3 Years

Bro. James Wyatt more recently  
(Colonel, U.S. Army, Ret.) 1953-1979



Brother Donald Hart, GPI Spring 90, Marine Corps, Served from 1979-1982


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