Monday, March 17, 2014

Gamma Pi Brother Helps Bring UPLIFT to Ghanian Students and Villagers Half A World Away

Bro. Dr. Satterfield talks with officials at the University of Ghana
Brother Dr. Terry L. Satterfield (Epsilon Sigma, 1971) has been in the Fraternity long enough to see the Four Cardinal Principles come to life in just about every way imaginable. But these days, the Gamma Pi member is seeing UPLIFT in a different light. Bro. Dr. Satterfield is among those currently leading a U.S. academic delegation to the University of Ghana in Accra. The trip is underway now and Bro. Dr. Satterfield has been sending back some exciting notes from the early portions of his journey.

Bro. Dr. Satterfield (in photo at left) is traveling with the Department of Psychology and Counseling at the University of the District of Columbia, where is on the Advisory Board of that department, having helped the Counseling department receive accreditation through the professional counseling board. He announced the trip to the Brothers at the February chapter meeting.

While Brother and their families in the metro Washington area were experiencing yet another "snowdown" on today that closed federal government offices and schools, Brother Dr. Satterfield was "baking" in 89 degree heat in Accra. He was amazed to compare the weather at his location there to smartphone pictures of the snow sent to him this morning by a  fellow chapter Brother. In one of his dispatches, Brother Satterfield said, "Please send greetings to the brothers for me!"

With a villager
The purpose of the trip is to collaborate with the psychology students at The University of Ghana in efforts to enhance social services to the people in Accra and surrounding villages and to assess the graduate programs in psychology and counseling at the University of Ghana. Three other UDC professors are traveling with Bro. Dr. Satterfield.

"We will be here for 10 days.  Today we donated psychology books to the University of Ghana and visited schools in the area," Bro. Satterfield said in a March 18 dispatch from Accra. "Social services here are poor."

Omega Psi Phi is worldwide and Bro.Dr. Satterfield proved that by already getting in touch with Fraternity members in-country. He has been sporting a Frat shirt on the trip. "I spoke with Fraternity brothers here. On Friday (March 21) we all are going to hook up."

You can send Bro. Dr. Satterfield Omega-style good travel wishes as he continues his journey by sending an e-mail to him by clicking right here: Dr. Satterfield.  Or e-mail to: Below are some additional photos he sent via the Internet and he will be sharing more photos as the trip progresses.

Guess which one is Bro Dr. Satterfield?

Throwing up "the hooks" is understood in any language
Showing off the Omega Garb

Listening and Learning



  1. I wish you Omega well Bro. Satterfield during your journey.

    Bro Tony Kelly 4GPi08