Sunday, January 12, 2014

Students Learn Firsthand About Government Service at Project ENRICH

National Guard rep talks to parents and students
In recent years, Project ENRICH has shifted its focus to include more information about how students can connect with "the real world" as part of the process of the yearslong transition from high school to productive lives as adults. Whether it was about finding money for college or choosing a career, Director Willie Hines has sought to lead students and their families to more useful information that can help participants make the most intelligent choices about their future.

In December, it was about college costs as Project ENRICH sponsored a college financial aid workshop. January's session, held today, was about career as several guest speakers brought exciting messages about post-collegiate options working for Uncle Sam.

Omega man Ambassador Taylor prepares to speak
About 60 students and parents gathered at the Thurgood Marshall Library at Bowie State University for the Career Showcase program. They heard about the road to rewarding and exciting diplomatic careers working for the U.S. Department of State; serving around the world as a naval officer through education at the U.S. Naval Academy in nearby Annapolis and opportunities through service to the U.S. National Guard.

Not everyone is cut out for careers in Corporate America or in the traditional professions: law and medicine. Today's presentations exposed youth to often-undersold career choices in the U.S. government. The federal sector is sometimes mistakenly viewed as "mundane"and"unexciting." But the information that came out of Career Day showed student that a career with Uncle Sam can be adventurous and well-paying.

U.S. Ambassador Teddy B. Taylor, a member of Gamma Pi chapter, stirred students with his recount of a stellar career spent living in foreign countries, learning multiple languages, negotiating difficult international issues and working for the President and U.S. Secretary of State as a diplomat. A little more than a year removed from three years of service as U.S. Ambassador to the South Pacific nations of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, he challenged Project ENRICH students to take a world view of career options.

Naval Academy Midshipmen address students
"I can promise you this, you will not regret it," Brother Ambassador Taylor said, encouraging students to consider the State Department and work as globetrotting diplomats."When somebody exposes you to a career opportunity, take it. You never know what might happen."

The Naval contingent included several uniformed Midshipmen who each related their own experience and path to the Naval Academy. They talked about the free education, the service commitment to follow as well as he process for applying as well as getting recommendations. One of the Navy presenters was Keenan Reynolds, the school's current superstar NCAA-record-setting quarterback.

To watch a portion of Brother Ambassador Taylor's presentation and a short post-event "shout out" to Gamma Pi and Project ENRICH from Navy's Keenan Reynolds, go to Gamma Pi TV:

Ambassador Teddy Taylor

Keenan Reynolds

You can also watch the live recording of all the Career Day presentations (except the National Guard) on our Ustream Channel. Thanks to Brother Don Cook of the Public Relations Committee for manning the live camera:: Gamma Pi ion Location

Go here to access photos from yesterday by Brother Cook: Career Day Photos

For more information about Project ENRICH and Brother Hines (Director), visit the program on the web:: Project ENRICH

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