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Highlights from Friday's Sessions - 64th Second District Conference

Bro. Kenneth Rodgers at Life Members Luncheon
Gamma Pi was the perfect host through the first two days of the 64th Second District Conference. It was evidenced by smooth-running business meetings, a steady stream of Omega men pouring in from the five-state region, a night of unforgettable social events (March Down and after-parties) and a first-class facility in the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center.

Below are just some video and photo highlights that have now become part of Gamma Pi and the Second District's illustrious history in Omega Psi Phi. There are many more outstanding highlights to come in the days and weeks ahead.

For Omega men, it was the Opening Plenary and special sessions like the the Life Members' Luncheon. Second District Representative Brother Kenneth Rodgers, a former Gamma Pi Basileus, was among those making remarks at the luncheon. Brother Benjamin Jeffers was the keynote speaker.

Ms. Mildred Mohammed (photo by Bro. Tony Kelly)
One of the most moving  public and community events of the day was a special Domestic Violence presentation by Mildred Mohammed,  the wife of now-executed "D.C. Sniper" John Mohammed. She gave a powerful look behind the scenes of her personal  and family terror trying to escape her crazed husband's clutches. Her experience is recounted in a book she has written about the experience.

The Social Scene topped it all off with a standing-room-only ovation-drawing March Down won by the March Team from Gamma Pi. Teams from Lambda Gamma Gamma, Delta Sigma Theta and two local schools also participated. Miss Black D.C. and Miss Black Maryland were among the show's judges. And the night ended with two big sold-out ballroom after parties that "rocked the house" and showed why Omega is the best at "work and play."

Here are the highlights:

Gamma Pi March Team in action (raw video)

Lambda Gamma Gamma Step Team (raw phone video):

About the Conference from Miss Black Maryland and Miss Black D.C.:

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