Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Super Chapter Promotes Healthy Living and Opportunities for Youth at Today's Event

Only The Super Chapter could do it this way. Today, Gamma Pi chapter combined the annual Charles Drew Blood Drive and Health Fair with the monthly gathering of Que Kidz Dayz into one super community Uplift event at The Kentlands Community Center in Landover.

Dental Van at today's blood drive/health fair
A number of people in the neighborhood turned out for the Blood Drive and Health Fair event to take advantage of knowledgeable experts and published literature on health prevention and education. As in previous years, the American Red Cross sponsored a van to accept blood donations on-site. And for the first time ever, Gamma Pi included a Dental Health van on site at the Health Fair. Two dentists in the chapter, Bro. Ed Chappelle, DDS and Bro.Wayman Brown, DDS, helped oversee the operation of the dental van.

Visitors to the Gamma Pi Blood Drive/Health Fair were able to get cholesterol and blood pressure checks, diabetes information, prevention and screening information on many other diseases that afflict minority communities, as well as  nutrition and diet information from on-site representatives and from an array of pamphlets and other publications that they could take home. That of course included the dental information and check-ups available through the van.  The men in the house got a special expert presentation on prostate cancer from a visiting physician. Prostate cancer afflicts African American men (in incidence and mortality) more than any other population group.

Info for the taking
Meanwhile, the youth who participate in Gamma Pi's successful Que Kidz Dayz program were treated to some free golf lessons from chapter Brothers, who assembled the youths into smaller groups on putting greens and a driving range located on the grounds of the Kentland Community Center. The youth, many who are underprivileged, were excited to learn about a non-traditional sport to which they are not always exposed to. Some of the youths from Que Kidz Dayz held a golf club for the first time. Somebody in the bunch could be the next "Tiger"!

Bros. listen to prostate presentation
There was also a youth martial arts demonstration and a Zumba fitness demonstration.

As is often said, this is the side of Omega Psi Phi few people see or acknowledge. All across the world, individual chapters work with local communities to provide Uplift through social service activities and projects that create opportunities and address needs for seniors, youths and needy families. It happens day-in and day-out in Gamma Pi and chapters worldwide, often without any fanfare.

Americans' lives are made better each day by Omega men, but few know it. For example, millions of lives are saved annually because an Omega man, Dr. Charles Drew, discovered blood plasma. It is what Gamma Pi and Omega Psi Phi are preparing to celebrate in a few weeks as the Omega Psi Phi Centennial Celebration approaches.

Congratulations to Bro. Orlando McDowell (Que Kidz Dayz) and Bro. Dr.Kevin Ford (Blood Drive/Health Fair) for organizing today's activities. Below are some video highlights from today's program.

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