Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mission Completed at the 63rd District Conference; Omega Centennial Up Ahead

Dinner at the 2D Conference
A week ago, a caravan of Brothers made their way to Cherry Hill, N.J.for the 63rd annual Second District Conference. It was a special time of pride for the chapter as one of its own, Brother Kenneth Rodgers, led his first District Conference as the 32nd Second District Representative.  Second District Chaplain Brother Dr. Gerald Folsom, also of Gamma Pi, led a worship service at the conference.

Gamma Pi represents ...
About 25 Brothers made the trip up the busy corridor known as I-95. Now, having taken care of District business and having polished off a slew of community service projects including Fraternity mandated programs, Gamma Pi is ready to roll into the upcoming historic Centennial celebration for Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,Inc. in Washington, D.C.
Bros. Keemer and Mays at Xmas in April 
So far in 2011, the Super Chapter has:
  • cooked and served food to  more than 100 occupants of two nearby shelters
  • conducted 4 weekend sessions of Project ENRICH, its program for college-aspiring high school students
  • helped rehabilitate a local home in disrepair as part of Christmas in April
  • helped educate local underprivileged children on nutrition and exercise through Que Kidz Dayz 
  • worked the local March of Dimes walk-a-thon
  • sponsored a communitywide talent hunt program
  • raised thousands of dollars for college scholarships with a sold-out Mardi Gras attended by Grand Basileus Bro. Dr. Andrew Ray
  • sponsored a meeting of Maryland State legislators and area members of the Fraternity to discuss legislative priorities of importance to the local African American community
  • reclaimed 84 Brothers back to the Omega Psi Phi fold, taking chapter membership beyond 200
Brothers Dr. Harrison Foy and Thaddeus Turner provided these photos from the District Conference and Brother David Sierra snapped Christmas in April photos.  An additional photo of a Line from Iota Gamma chapter, "The Mother Pearl of New Jersey," was provided by Brother Akima Rogers. Many more are forthcoming and will also make their way to the Gamma Pi website.

Bro. "DR" Rodgers (2nd, right)

Bros. Greg Gaines and Terry Rogers (2nd, 3rd left) with Line Bros. 

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