Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chipping Up to the Green with Gamma Pi's New Golf League

Most of the time, Gamma Pi chapter is out and about while thoroughly immersed in a local community service project.  Whether it is feeding the homeless at a local shelter, helping young students aim for college with Project ENRICH or spending quality time with senior citizens, the Super Chapter is always bringing Uplift to the Prince George's County community as Brothers exhaust themselves traveling to every corner of the county . People rarely see the friendship and fraternity that takes place behind the scenes. It is how Gamma Pi -- and Omega men everywhere -- bond with one another, by sharing time together socially and just being friends.

Bro. Alvarez
This week, the fast-growing chapter (now more than 200 members strong, the largest in the Second District) took a step towards molding new Omega friendships and solidifying more Omega friendships in its ranks with the kickoff of a new summer golf league. The league has been an instant success. Brother Ian Alvarez has signed up nearly 50 Brothers from the chapter to play a local course every other Sunday with the intent to name an overall winner by the time the league ends play in October.

Brothers began play in the new league on Sunday, April 17, at Renditions Golf Course in Davidsonville,Md. Other courses on the schedule are the University of Maryland and Enterprise. Are they keeping score? You better believe it! Brother Alvarez is preparing to post week-by-week scores for access by chapter members very soon and according to "insiders," without giving away all the news, the inaugural Sunday for the league was a "Bleu" Sunday.  More details to come, including a look at the early leaderboard. The league is using the United States Golfing Association rules and the Callaway Scoring System to determine player handicaps, a system which tries to equalize individual scoring across different skill levels.  If you are interested in joining in, reach out to Bro.Alvarez via email.

Below are some photos Bro. Charles Casteel,of the Public Relations Committee, captured in the "opening round" last Sunday. Brother Casteel is also the author of an iphone golf app that helps you with shot selection. Ask him about it!

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