Saturday, February 6, 2016

Gamma Pi Brother Pens Book on "How to Make a Million" Through Network Marketing

If you knew how to make a million dollars working parttime and have enough to retire early, would you tell anybody? Yes, if you had the winning formula. Brother Damon Moats has the winning formula and did just that recently in writing his new book, How To Make a Million Dollars. The 1350-page tome is now firmly in circulation and Brother Moats is happy with the early returns and looking for more as the book gets more notice and readers share their sales are going. Bro. Moats, (Psi Psi '85, Kentucky State University), is an expert in real estate and in network marketing.

"This book can be a road map to your success and financial freedom, should you choose network marketing or entrepreneurship in general as one of your paths to wealth and riches," Brother Moats says in the back page liner notes of his book.

Brother Moats recently provided a Q&A interview with Gamma Pi LIVE to share his latest project with brothers far and wide. Below is the transcript of that interview. 

Q Brother Moats, is this your first book?
A -Yes it is. This is my first book.

Q- When was your book published and who is your publisher?
A - Yes it was published in 2015. The publisher is Create Space/Amazon, The book is available at this link on Amazon, and I encourage all Brothers and their extended family and friends to read it:

Q Why did you write the book?
A- I wrote the book because network marketing/direct sales is an industry that I have participated in over the past 25 years with great success. I also believe that understanding and operating within the industry can deliver so much wealth to a person or a family.

Q -What would you like to see come out of the book?
A - I would like for the book to become a resource to those not very familiar with the industry to gain a measure of understanding and appreciation for the business. I would like for the book to become a resource for those who have engaged in the industry but have not had much success financially in the industry but after reading the book and being willing to do the work in the book, find that they then enjoy great financial success in the industry. And finally, those that have had a tremendous amount of financial success to find the book valuable enough to recommend to distributors on their teams as a resource to help them build their businesses.

Q- What kind of reaction have you gotten from the book?
A- I am excited that the response from the book has been overwhelmingly positive and many have said that they are using it currently as a resource to build the businesses they building now.

Q -What sparked your interest in network marketing? That seems to be a real expertise and a point of the book that sets it apart from other books about "making a million dollars."
A - I discovered network marketing when I began to search for a franchise opportunity and an entrepreneurial opportunity only to realize that I just simply did not have the capital to purchase the average franchise and it didn’t appear that I was going to be able to accumulate the funds anytime soon. 

Q - Speaking of setting yourself apart from other "make a million" authors, what is different about your book?
A - The difference about my book is that I don’t just tell the good side of the story, I tell the good, the bad and the ugly about the industry and the reader gets to make up their mind if the good outweighs all other aspects of the business to determine if it is an industry they should pursue. I’m told, this book, if followed, will yield a financially successful network marketer. But just like all else, many people decide that this industry, just as getting a graduate degree, may be more than they are willing to fight for. However, the individuals that do make the book their guide will far out earn others who don’t. 

Q. What message do you want Omega men to take away from your book?
A. There are several things I would like Omega Men to take away from my book. 1st, I would like to suggest that each Brother start writing a book of there own in their 20’s. If they are passed that age, please start now. All of us have a story to tell or a vision to share which is valuable to others, whether we believe that or not. Secondly, I would like to encourage each Brother to try entrepreneurism in some form or fashion, as soon as possible. Finally, I would encourage each Brother to collaborate with another Brother, collaboration makes it easier for each individual to succeed at whatever it is they are endeavoring to do or accomplish.

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