Sunday, December 3, 2017

Gamma Pi Achievement Week Holds A Great Year Up to the Mirror

Brothers fellowshipping at dinner
Achievement Week may be an annual event for all of Omega Psi Phi, but for Gamma Pi Chapter, each year's observance has its own flavor. This year's Achievement Week and Founders' Day underscored the chapter's longstanding commitment to community service and highlighted just how much of a difference Gamma Pi makes in the local community.

Gamma Pi's growing influence and results in Uplifting Prince George's County were evident throughout the week's programs, from the Sunday, November 12 worship service to the Saturday, November 18 communitywide awards and recognition program. The underlying theme of it all centered on the importance of full participation and service to community as outlined by the Founders.

For Omega men everywhere, the call to action and to service is as strong as it has ever been. It's a time for Omega men to get inspired by other Omega men. No question that was the case for Gamma Pi this year as is the case every year.

It began with the Brothers' visit to Greater Bethesda Baptist Church pastored by Gamma Pi Chaplain Bro. Rev.  Brian King, on November 12.

Next, Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker reminded Gamma Pi Brothers and Fraternity guests at the November 16 Brothers Only Dinner that the vast talents and abilities of Omega men  are contributing to community Uplift all over. He used the example of Omega men who have been called to serve Prince George's other than himself. Bro. Baker reminisced about his days as an Alpha Chapter Brother at Howard University "back in the day", recalling the Brothers during the dinner. Grand Keeper of Records & Seal Bro. Kenneth Rodgers also greeted the Brothers along with Gamma Pi's first Basileus and founding member  Bro. Tim McIntosh.

Bro. Alfonzo Powell delivers keynote at program
Gamma Pi's Brother Alfonzo Powell, having recently returned to the United States after a two-year stint in Sierra Leone, brought forth some inspiring words about service and commitment to community during the November 18 Community program in Fort Washington.

In speaking to community and chapter honorees, he said, "You were chosen because your body of work, that which has come to define you, has set you apart from those who have come to define themselves as simply, ordinary....The reason you have been set out above the rest is because you have demonstrated that you are driven by a sense, a use a vision ... that has proven to be greater than yourself."

Achievement Week award winners were Bro. Darryl Thompson (Omega Man of the Year), Bro. Gordon Everett (Founders' Award), Bro. Kevin Greenwood (Superior Service Award), Bro. Brian King (Religious Leader of the Year), Bro. Ikey Staton (Educator of the Year), community leader William Paige (Citizen of the Year) and John Morgan III (Student Athlete of the Year).  In addition, Bro. Greenwood was also named Committee Chairman of the Year.

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2017 Omega Man of the Year Bro. Darryl Thompson

Grand KRS Bro. Rodgers (Center) with Founders and Basileus Lee

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Gamma Pi Joins Forces With Community to Combat Domestic Violence

Brothers with U.S. Rep Anthony Brown
The Brothers of Gamma Pi don't have any trouble getting up early on a Saturday morning as long as it is for a good cause. That's why they were in the house and in force by 8:30 a.m. today to attend and exhibit at a countywide Domestic Violence conference called MoMENtum, Moving into the Millenium; Elevating the Male Perspective on Domestic Violence. As the crafty titles suggests, the conference was focused on educating men about domestic violence prevention through getting males to see the ripple effect and consequences of domestic violence..

About 25 Chapter members attended the morning workshop, led by Social Action Chairman Kevin Greenwood and the committee. Gamma Pi did not present as part of the program but it sponsored an exhibit display in the lobby along with other organizations. The chapter was able to highlight its community action program to attendees, including former Lt. Governor and current Congressman Anthony Brown and Prince George's County state's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks who were highlighted during the event. The Super Chapter was able to take a photo with them both.

During the Saturday program, Brothers were taking notes, meeting with other participants and speakers, collecting materials and disseminating information about Gamma Pi and Friendship Charities at the chapter's information table.

Bros Roland Jones, Kevin Greenwood and Anthony McAllister with
 U.S. Rep. Brown and County State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks
This year Gamma Pi has explored new avenues to conduct social action activities throughout the community and participation in the domestic violence conference was a part of that new approach. "We're here talking to people throughout the community about how we can get involved," said Bro. Greenwood. "We have learned about a lot of opportunities."

The chapter already works with young males through its periodic visits to the Cheltenham Youth Facility in Prince George's County. It also sponsors programs in the Kentland and Seat Pleasant communities through its Que Kidz initiatives where it also has opportunities to help shape and mold the lives of young boys, including teaching them to have respect for women. Male mentoring and combating domestic violence are two major social action priorities for Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

If you would like to contact The Super Chapter about a social action partnership, please reach out to Bro. Greenwood at

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Super Chapter's Popular Project ENRICH Program Kicks Off for 2017-18

Large crowd of interested parents and students attend
On this Saturday afternoon, the weather was great. Even though it was officially the second day of Fall, the temperature soared into the 80's and everyone was not yet ready to let go of summer in the DMV. Inside the South Bowie Community Center, some people worked out in the weight room and young men bounced basketballs in the gym. In an assembly room off to the side, a trio of Brothers from Gamma Pi bounced around ideas about how to select a major, how to assess which college is right for you, what courses to focus on the last two years of high school and where to look for scholarship money. Project ENRICH is back!

The program, directed by Brother Willie Hines, held an Open House on Saturday. More than 50 parents and students showed up for the event. They had questions for the upcoming academic year and were eager to get started. Many were new registrants in the 9th grade, which is where the program starts. Students are engaged from grades 9-12 to help them take the right steps to prepare for college. Students meet one Saturday a month at Bowie State University throughout the school year.

Participating along with Brother Hines at Saturday's program were Brothers Brett Blake and Lucien Cox, who all addressed the audience from a panel at the front of the room. Brother Pete Ford was manning the entrance. They along with several other chapter members run Project ENRICH like a small school. Saturday's program was more of a preliminary getting ready for the grind designed to both welcome new students, answer questions from interested students and to set the course for this year. The Opening Convocation is set for Saturday,October 7 at 10 a.m. at Bowie State's Thurgood Marshall Library.

Gamma Pi Brothers lead Open House 
During Saturday's program, questions ranged from what the typical Project ENRICH Saturday is like to the dress code which requires the students to wear business attire to the incoming presenters to how to arrange college visits to registration. There were also queries about scholarship money, college entrance exams, AP courses, community college and opportunities provided by Historically Black Colleges and Universities at a time when those schools' relevance is being challenged. One parent gave a testimonial about her daughter's growth through Project ENRICH  And as a bonus during the Open House, parents and students received a briefing from Project ENRICH parent Cheryl Jones about the HBCU College Tour operated by her chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

As is customary with Project ENRICH, Brother Hines looks for every opportunity to get students to get used to public speaking and having ready their 30-second "elevator speech." To that end, Brother Hines had students introduce themselves and talk about their future career goals during the program.

For information about Project ENRICH, visit the program's website (, Facebook page ( or follow Project ENRICH on Twitter (@projectenrich). Online registration is underway for 2017-18 on the program's website.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Little Saturday Morning "Housework" Showcases the Super Chapter's Social Action Commitment

Bro. Kelly and House Captain
You may think that Ques only come out after dark, but you are probably not aware of the commitment Omega Psi Phi men give to their community before sunrise.  The Brothers of Gamma Pi Chapter in Prince George's County have been known to get up on many Saturdays while others are still "dreaming" in their sleep, to feed shelter residents, check in on the homeless, and more recently, to help make a home a better and brighter place for a local elderly homeowner through the Annual Christmas in April program.

On April 29, Brothers converged on a local home in the Crain Highway area of Upper Marlboro to carry out a variety of "housework" chores inside and outside. We're not talking about housework like vacuuming, dusting , doing the dishes or straightening up clutter. This was heavy duty stuff -- yard work, painting, debris removal, shoveling, and hammering and nailing. There was an assortment of tools needed to do the job, including rakes, mowers, edgers, shovels, garden hoes and wheelbarrows, It's all geared towards making the elderly residents' home more livable and presentable.

As Omega men are accustomed to doing, Brothers broke down the project in teams and shifts. There were five shifts beginning with the earlybird 7 a.m. crew and ending with the 3 p.m. late-afternoon team.

"This is an annual Gamma Pi tradition that we proudly give to our constituents in the county,"said Brother Kevin Greenwood, who chairs the Social Action committee. "The goal is to provide clean up services to a well-deserving family in the Prince George's County Community. This is what we do."

For several years, Brother Tony Kelly has led Gamma Pi's Christmas in April project. He has made the contacts, organized the chapter and schemed out the on-site projects and tools required. Brother Kelly  has inspired the chapter to service on a project that requires much more in the way of sweat equity than many of the other Social Action projects that Gamma Pi does. On a Saturday morning when it is so easy to sleep in -- at least until 9 a.m. -- the call to ":manual labor" can go unheeded. But Omega men always rise to the call of purpose and service. When Brother Kelly's emails start coming announcing Christmas in April, Brothers know they must set their alarm clocks for that special Saturday in April.

Some members of the Super Chapter crew
 Christmas in April is a non-denominational volunteer organization that repairs the homes of senior citizens who are either low-income and/or physically challenged. In every community, it results in a one day repair project that takes place during the last Saturday in the month. Christmas in April brings together business,. corporate, government, religious and community organizations along with local volunteers like the Brothers of Gamma Pi.

The recent Christmas in April project  is one of more than 10 Social Action initiatives Gamma Pi has participated in already this year. The chapter has appeared at career days, at a communitywide dialogue on domestic violence, participated in neighborhood cleanups as well as a fitness and wellness expo. The next major Social Action project is the annual Seniors Banquet set for Saturday, June 10. More details are forthcoming.

Watch Gamma Pi's "Community UPLIFT" TV show to learn more about the Social Action initiatives: Gamma Pi on TV:

Photos by Bro. Tony Kelly and Raphael Terrell
Video clip by Bro. Kelly