Sunday, July 21, 2013

Keeping Omega Alive with Life Membership

7 of the 10 Genesis X Line members display their plaques
with Chapter Life Member Chair Bro. Lester Miles, M.D. (2nd left) 

Submitted by the Members of the Genesis X Line

The members of Gamma Pi's Chapter Spring 2011 Line Genesis X made a promise that we would obtain Life Memberships once we became Omega men.  Genesis X believed becoming a Life Member is not only an honor but a duty to the Fraternity.  On June 5, 2013,  the men of Genesis X became Life Members with an interesting twist -- arranging for our individual Life Membership  numbers to be assigned in the same sequential order as the makeup of our line.

The members of Genesis X have felt  as though the Fraternity has taught us so much, and for each of us,it has been a long journey but an honor to call ourselves Omega men.  Throughout the process we were led by seasoned Omega men from all over the 12 Fraternity districts.  These seasoned Omega men have taught us the importance of leaving a legacy not only to the chapter but to the Fraternity.

We the men of Genesis X, who are working hard to take a visible and active role in Gamma Pi,  believe that being "owt" is  more than hopping and throwing parties. Instead, it is friendship, service, commitment and pride in the Fraternity. Genesis X understands that as Centennial Brothers,  it is our duty to move the Fraternity to the next 100 years.
Genesis X during a 2011 service project while pursuing Omega Psi Phi

As Omega men, we must continue to value service inside and outside the Fraternity. Following the guidance of Grand Basilus Dr.  Andrew Ray as dictated in his address during the Centennial Rededication Ceremony,  we must continue to stand on the solid foundation and remain active to ensure like-minded men will represent the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.  To do this, we,Genesis X will accept the baton passed to us and keep Omega alive. Thanks to Gamma Pi for supporting us in this effort to ensure that for each of us, Omega is a lifelong commitment.

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